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Patio Furniture

We have a variety of patio furniture for sale, please ring for details or fill in a CONTACT form for more details

Our furniture is fully weatherproof and each one is totally individual

Our patio tables are constructed with a cast iron base and Lakeland Stone top 

There is no need to cover or take these tables indoors in winter and they won't blow over in a gale.

Available with a square or round top, two square tables can be placed together to make a larger dining area 


Each table is priced at £120, delivery is available to the local area (£5) or you can collecct yourself.


Please note...the dog is not available for sale and doesn't come included with any of the items!

Items for sale at present

Please note - not all items are available at all times, please check before ordering.


At present we have 6 table bases which can be ordered with either round or square tops

Patio Furniture:

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